Eggheads Roadmap

Big things coming...

We'll use this timeline to keep the community aware of what's been done and what's on the horizon.

Why we're building

Eggheads will be the first program (game) launched on iLearn, our learning incentivization platform. With iLearn, we aim to use blockchain technology to create a rewarding, engaging, and fun way to learn.

Eggheads will initially focus on non-traditional and niche learning topics such as crypto concepts, specific protocols, periods in history, and anything the community is interested in really... you all have the power to choose.

In the long-term we plan on creating course-based learning and other educational modules on the iLearn platform with the goal of creating a neo-basic income through education. It's a broad vision, we know... but hey, you need to start somewhere!

Q4 2021
Mobile Game Industry Market Research
The first product on iLearn needs to reach the largest possible audience and be engaging enough to keep everyone coming back for more fun! With most over 80% of the world's population owning smartphones, what could be better than a mobile gaming app 🤩?

From there, the team conducting market research on the mobile gaming industry to identify the most engaging genre. 

Q4 2021
Develop Eggheads Game Mechanics and PvP Prototype
This is where we are now 📢. Game mechanics are still being finalized for both the Battle Royale and PvP game modes. We've got some awesome ideas here and can't wait to share!

Additionally, the iLearn team is currently building the prototype for the Eggheads PvP gamemode showcasing RPG mechanics and user-platform interactions.

Q1 2022
Launch Founders NFT Package & LEARN
Early in 2022, we're planning to launch our Founder’s NFT package 📦. We've got some awesome designers and artists working with us as we speak to create the best possible art!

We also will release LEARN tokens to early stage investors helping fund the project. It's important to note that we will not be IDOing at this time. We want to make sure we have a usable platform and that everything is done right before any sort of public sale of the iLearn token.

Q1 2022
Release of Eggheads Beta 👾
We're estimating a Beta Launch date for Eggheads in Q1 2022. The game will be a private capped beta where early users can rake up some points and contribute to the development of the platform.

The beta version of Eggheads will feature bear-bones versions of both the PvP and Battle Royale gamemodes.

Q3 2022
Release of Eggheads Production ⭐️
The release of the production version of Eggheads will feature community voted trivia challenges to our game, more NFT goodies to win and building out our UI to be cross-platform.

At this stage we'll also partner up with DAOs and other project communities for custom Battle Royale trivia events to help educate the broader public on new technology solutions, protocols, and innovative platforms!

q1 2023
Preparing for Expansion
At this phase the team will prepare to build out other puzzle games applicable to the Eggheads game mechanics. Community input will be invaluable!

Quality of life features such as stat tracking, ranked matches, spectator mode, and more will be prioritized in this time period.

2023 and Beyond
New iLearn modules
The iLearn team will start to explore new modules and applications for the iLearn platform such as accredited course-based learning and even B2B SaaS solutions such as Knowledge Gateways to DAOs (or other exclusive groups) and compliance training certifications.